I am a photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota specializing in architectural imagery, on location or in the studio, product, lifestyle, landscape and gardens.   I love working with light – both natural and artificial.  I guess you could call me a visual person but gee, I also know how to read and write.  This blog is a bit of an adventure, let’s see where I end up.


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  1. flyinggma says:

    Hi Andrea, I just happened across your blog this evening. It was fun to discover that you also live in Minnesota. I have two blogs, one is FlyingGma.wordpress.com and MineEyesHaveSeen.wordpress.com (a venture into beginning photography). I love the photos that I have seen so far on your site. Thanks for sharing your talents, Jeanne

    • andrea rugg says:

      Thanks, Jeanne. I checked out your blog too, very interesting and funny. I have also thought that I should learn to fly – my mother had her pilot’s license when she was 17! She had been accepted into the Silver Wings program – WWII – but wasn’t able to take part in it because the funding went away – the US was starting to win the war. Unfortunately she didn’t keep up with her flying after she had kids.

      • flyinggma says:

        How cool is that to have a mom that was a pilot. My kids aren’t too impressed with my flying yet. None have asked to even go for a ride. My brother did ask if I would let him sky dive out of my plane. I said no, why jump out of a perfectly good plane.

  2. Brian Rugg says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Tell me about copyright. Of course you’re been writing about this in the big sense, but how does this pertain to your site? Do you copyright your photos? If so, how do go about this? Do you know of your photos being used by others without permission?


    • andrea rugg says:

      Brian, a photo is considered copyrighted by you the moment you take it . . . although it is very helpful to place that little © next to all your work and embed it in your photos by using Photoshop’s File>Info, for example. That’s why you almost always see some sort of “© copyright…” on most websites. The best thing to do however, is to register your work with the U.S. Copyright Office – http://www.copyright.gov/. If you register your images with the copyright office it’s much easier to recover damages or money due to you.

      I also wrote about this in my November 2010 blog post – “By default, a photographer always owns the copyright to anything he or she creates. The only way a photographer would not own the copyright to a photo they create would be one of the following three instances: 1) if a client negotiates a price to own full or partial rights to a photo, 2) if the photographer is an employee of a company that has hired them to take photos or 3) if a company has hired a photographer in a “work for hire” situation, which would (should) most likely involve a written contract outlining the copyright ownership.”

      And to answer your last question, I have had images taken from the internet – I learned of most of these instances by using Google Alerts. I contacted these people through e-mail and by phone and was successful in getting them to stop using the images and I took the opportunity to educate them. I always tell people that I am happy to negotiate a price so they may use the photos but in most instances they simply take the photos down. Luckily, I have never had to go through the actual legal process of taking someone to court although I did come close once.

  3. Nancy Staab says:

    Hi Andrea
    I am working on a story on gorgeous potting sheds and also greenhouses for HGTV Gardens website and came across your charming photos of Nick and Wendy’s English Potting Shed for Midwest Home in 2012. Please contact me if any of these images (or similar ones) are available for publication at HGTVgardens.com. Our website has as many as 10 million unique visitors a month and I would be happy to credit you and any others for the photos and provide links to your own business websites or blogs. If interested please email me at Nancy_staab@yahoo.com and I can give you more details. I am under a tight deadline: images are due by Jan. 15.

    Best, Nancy Staab

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