Garden Photos Published in Midwest Home – April/May 2012 issue

In  the summer of 2010, I gave myself an assignment and photographed a garden in my neighborhood for my portfolio and website.  The homeowners were kind enough to allow me access to their wonderful garden at many different times of the day including early morning and late evening.  There were so many possibilities for photos in this garden and house that I returned again in the summer of 2011 to take more photos I felt I had missed the first time.  Because of the amount of time I spent on this project it was gratifying to have the photos published.  I still have some photos from the project which I haven’t had a chance to process.  There’s almost no end to the amount of time I can spend photographing a garden.  I love the process of watching, waiting and finding the best time of day or night to capture a particular feature.  It’s not at all like watching paint dry . . . for me.

The garden was designed by Ron Beining Associates and the new house which was built to fit beautifully into an older neighborhood was designed by Rehkamp Larson Architects.  The focus of attention in this garden is a really unique garden shed made by HSP Garden Buildings of England which features a hipped metal (lead) roof.

Thanks to Midwest Home for the lovely layout!

(I have also included a Scribd embedded version below but the best quality way to view these pages larger is if you just click on each page/photo.  You’ll have to back click to get back to this page.)


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Professional photographer specializing in location, architecture, product, interiors and gardens. Other interests: bicycling, soccer, gardening, golf, music, travel and walking Boris the dog.
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6 Responses to Garden Photos Published in Midwest Home – April/May 2012 issue

  1. Brian Rugg says:

    Thanks for showing me this, Andrea. Was this house close to where you live? You said you went there repeatedly. I bet there was a lot of set up. . .


    • andrea rugg says:

      Yup, just about 7 blocks away. I wouldn’t say there was a lot of set up – I almost never use lights when I shoot outside but rather I do lots of waiting and strategizing about the best time to take certain photos – sometimes I shoot specific angles more than once and choose the best one later.

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  4. Christine Crews says:

    I don’t have the whole magazine. I would love to find the source for purchasing the potting shed!. Can you help me with information please?

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