More Alaska Photos

I thought I would revisit my Alaska trip (see blog post from Dec. 2011) and post more photos I took while I was there photographing a bed and breakfast last summer – 2011.  I had a few days to travel on my own and take photos.

Denali National Park –

Tour buses rounding the tight curves of the very narrow and steep gravel road, the only road in Denali National Park –

Fish stories in Seward –

The bounty is amazing –

Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park near Seward –

George Parks Highway on the way to Denali –

The North Pole someday –

The moon has a wacky orbit up there, compared to what I am accustomed to – it moves sideways –

An orca pod in Kenai Fjords National Park –


About andrea rugg

Professional photographer specializing in location, architecture, product, interiors and gardens. Other interests: bicycling, soccer, gardening, golf, music, travel and walking Boris the dog.
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4 Responses to More Alaska Photos

  1. Brian Rugg says:

    Thanks, Andrea. Enjoyed the shots. Also, for your comments about website.


  2. maldriedge says:

    Love the shots, Andrea! My favorite I think is the igloo. But I also love the fishermen with their catch on the dock – so cool. And the rainbows – wow! Isn’t it great to get to travel to such neat places as part of your career.

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