My photographic lighting featured in Popular Photography Magazine

If you check out Popular Photography’s July issue you will see an article featuring my lighting in this photo.  This was an architectural shoot I did about a year ago at a loft space in downtown Minneapolis for Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd.  The architect wanted to capture the spectacular outdoor deck which looks out over the downtown Minneapolis. They also wanted to take another shot of the deck besides this one, looking the other direction toward the new Guthrie Theater (which I will include below). I knew I needed to take the theater shot first earlier in the evening because this downtown shot needed to be taken just after sunset when the lights on inside were really glowing and the sky was lit up with a deep blue and the lights in downtown Minneapolis were starting to really show up as well.

I set up this featured shot first using all my lights but one, which took me about an hour and a half and then I put tape down on the ground to make where my tripod was stationed. Then I proceeded to shoot the shot of people enjoying the deck overlooking the lights of the Guthrie. Luckily I only needed one light for this shot – to light up the people at the table on the left. I finished that shot just as the perfect light started to happen right after sunset. I moved my camera back into position on the tape marks and started shooting right away. I timed it pretty close because my best exposure was the first one I snapped! We had to move pretty fast though because we needed time to hose down the pavement again for the wet look.

After we finished shooting I turned around to look back at the Guthrie Theater and there was a crowd of people lined up with their hands up to the glass along the window of the observation cube staring at us. I wish I had had another camera handy!

Because I took this photo a year ago I had to rack my brain to remember the lighting scheme I used so the magazine could create the lighting diagram. However, the software that I used – Photoshop Bridge made it a little easier because I was able to look back and see the shots before and after this one and see the time of day. I could also look at all my set-up shots and determine the lighting as I placed the lights in one shot after another.

Here’s the link to the online article: Popular Photography July 2011 “How To: Balance Indoor and Outdoor Lighting”

Here’s the other photo I took right before the featured photo.

This project won an AIA (American Institute of Architects) Rave design award for the architecture firm, Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle. I hope my photography was instrumental in allowing them to win this award! See more details about the space here as well as a video interviewing the architects.


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