Hello World Revisited

This blogging adventure so far seems very inane with much tooting of one’s own horn.  I was always taught to not talk about myself too much, it makes you look self centered and it sounds like bragging.  But I guess promoting your business through blogging comes dangerously close to this.

Anyway, as I continue my introduction I shall spell out what I do . . .  warning! tag words to follow . . . I am a professional, commercial, product and architectural photographer.  I photograph architecture, product, sets or various related tableaux on location and in the studio.  This includes architectural interiors, exteriors, homes, houses, businesses, commercial spaces, green architecture, green design, lifestyle, gardens and landscapes . . .

blah, blah, blah . . .

To clarify, I really love what I do and I don’t find it boring.  I just think talking about yourself incessantly has the potential to be boring to others, hopefully not.

This photo is quite probably the first architectural photo I ever took with my first camera, a Kodak X-15.  It’s a photo of the house I grew up in, taken in winter probably because it was a very large snow fall.

I still have dreams about this house.  It’s amazing how the houses we grow up in or the houses we live in become so integral to our psyches.  I have always had an interest in architecture even when I was a little girl my brother and I would draw up plans for houses or build Lego houses.  My houses were always rather eccentric and his could withstand a strong breeze or a swift kick.  He became an architect.  My other brother had an interest in photography as well and was always taking photos including photos through his telescope.

I did a lot of drawing before I got interested in photography and of course my favorite subject to draw was horses.  I think the next photo is indicative of that period!  I loved Rocky Lane movies.

I went on to shoot with cameras.


About andrea rugg

Professional photographer specializing in location, architecture, product, interiors and gardens. Other interests: bicycling, soccer, gardening, golf, music, travel and walking Boris the dog.
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