Hello world!

My new blog . . .aaahhhh . . . like a new born baby, brand spanking new . . . ah, birth, regeneration, transmigration . . . or screaming bloody murder from the searing pain of breathing oxygen for the first time after being a sea creature . . . hope to be at least interesting, captivating would be great, funny wouldn’t be bad; inspired by the irreverence of Julie Powell’s blog but hopefully not insulting the Julia Child’s of the photo world, that would be bad.  Maybe I will talk about what got me started in photography, perhaps this blog will be a venue to show images that don’t appear on my website.

Another reason to have a blog . . . lots of opportunities to use my much beloved ellipsis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . or rather the plural “ellipses.”  Oh, and maybe I will remember how to spell recommend – to use it in a sentence – “Maybe someone someday will recommend my blog to someone who cares.”  Oh and the word necessary trips me up sometimes – “Is this blog really necessary or am I just pandering to the latest silly craze?”


About andrea rugg

Professional photographer specializing in location, architecture, product, interiors and gardens. Other interests: bicycling, soccer, gardening, golf, music, travel and walking Boris the dog.
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